Don't let the new IR35 proposals ruin your livelihood!!
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In Summary
Level Playing Field ?

So where’s this level playing field?  As the proposals stand, far from creating a pitch that The Oval or Lords would be proud of, the exchequer’s groundsman has come up with something more akin to an amateur rugby club’s field after a hard match on a rainy day.

The PAYE system is well established, works pretty well for staff employees and (setting aside arguments about higher rates for higher earners) results in everyone paying much the same.  But it’s clear that for the government to try to apply the same model to those of us working through a PSC is grossly unfair and discriminatory – it’s like bolting a wheel from a Fiat 500 onto the Chancellor’s Jaguar and expecting everything to run smoothly.

If the goverment and HMRC want to truly level the playing field, as the former Chancellor stated was the aim, then I look forward to an announcement that from April 2017, all employees, public sector or otherwise,  will no longer receive:

  • Employer NI contributions
  • Paid holidays of any kind
  • Enhanced sick pay
  • Enhanced maternity/paternity pay
  • Company pension contributions
  • Staff bonuses

Of course, I'm being facetious.  Such a suggestion would ruin the career of the politician making the speech and almost certainly bring down the government, 

But think about it.  No government (of any party) would dream of suggesting such ludicrous ideas.  Yet the current IR35 proposals effectively do the same thing, but in reverse, and erode the livelihoods of the PSC contractors of the nation.  They've just gone for the softer target that they believe won't cause a significant fallout. 

Is it even legal?

 And here’s another question.   Never mind the moral stand – are these proposals actually legal?  For many years, and rightly too, it has been an offence for an employer, or indeed the state itself, to discriminate against an individual because of race, colour, religious beliefs, gender, sexuality etc. 

So imagine the reaction if the government decided that people of a particular ethnic background would be obliged to pay more taxes etc than the rest of the general public.

Yet the current proposals quite clearly discriminate against a small but important minority of the workforce – those of us who choose, or are obliged by work market forces, to work for the public sector through a PSC. 

How is this even vaguely democratic?  Is it even legal?