Don't let the new IR35 proposals ruin your livelihood!!
Act now while you still have the chance!
Help yourself... and the rest of us in the same boat!

Exercise your power

It's easy to hide your head in the sand and to think "Well if that's what the government is going to do then there's nothing I can do about it".  But that's not actually true.

Being British means we have one big thing going for us.  We're fortunate enough to live in one of the world's oldest democracies.  Make enough noise and your voice will be heard!.

Please do either (or preferably both) of the following:


Click on the button below to take you to the e-petition to parliament.  10,000 signatures guarantees a reply from the government (though if I'm honest most such replies rarely address the issue raised but just get a defensive response).  100,000 votes however means our concerns must be discussed in the House of Commons and that's when the ears of the press prick up.

Clicking the button  will take you straight to the petition.  After you've signed you'll see there are also buttons on there to let you share the petition on your Facebook or Twitter page.  Please consider it.


Email your MP.  Let him/her know your concerns and request that it be tabled for debate in The House.  You don't have to write a huge long diatribe - just point out that your livelihood is going to be impacted and that the proposals unfairly discriminate against you as a contractor working through a PSC (and/or whatever else you want to say of course).  By all means include a link to this website to save yourself repeating what I've already put in the public domain if you wish!

I had considered adding a pro-forma email on here that you could have just copied and pasted but I'm told MP's tend to regard the receipt of dozens of identical emails as suspicious, almost like spam, and conclude they don't actually represent  the true views of their constituents. To be honest, I can totally understand that, so please just take a few minutes and send off your own personal missive.


Sign the Petition
Email your MP